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Ovoca Bio plc is pleased to announce that on 1st March 2019 its subsidiary, IVIX, was granted patent No 234753 in Israel covering any use for a large list of peptide variants based on BP-101.

This patent adds to IVIX’s issued patent portfolio consisting of a Russian patent with the same coverage, and a U.S. patent protecting any pharmaceutical application of peptides in the same list.

IVIX continues to prosecute patent applications in the European Union, Canada, Brazil, India, China, Japan and South Korea.

«We are happy to obtain this patent in Israel with its broad coverage that protects any use of peptides from a large list, including our drug candidate BP-101, for the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions, and specifically Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder”, said Daniil Nemenov, Acting General director of IVIX. «As we progress towards obtaining marketing authorization for BP-101 in Russia and make plans for clinical development in other markets, receiving new patents strengthens our commercial position».

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About Ovoca Bio plc 
Ovoca Bio plc's goal is to become a leader in the development and commercialization of novel product candidates for the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions. In 2018, Ovoca Bio acquired IVIX and its promising clinical stage asset, Libicore (BP-101), for female sexual dysfunction, an area of significant unmet medical need. The magnitude of demand for treatments for female sexual dysfunction has only recently been recognized, and Ovoca believes it has the potential to become a substantial pharmaceutical market.

About IVIX  
IVIX, a Russian‐incorporated company, was formed in 2012 and since that time has sought to develop and subsequently commercialise a proprietary drug candidate, BP101 (known as "Libicore"), for the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions. Libicore is a novel synthetic peptide, administrated through a nasal spray. Clinical studies completed to-date have demonstrated statistically significant efficacy in the treatment of major forms of female sexual dysfunction. So far, IVIX has reached and completed Phase II clinical studies in Russia for Libicore. It now intends to complete the ongoing Phase III clinical trial for Libicore, following which it will seek approval for the marketing of Libicore in the Russian market, as well seek to expand its use internationally.

Patent news - Israel
May 7, 2019

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