BIO 2019 Press Release

Between June 3-6th, Ovoca Bio's Chief Executive Officer, Kirill Golovanov, along with Board director and adviser Mr. Wiltshire, represented Ovoca at the 37th BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, United States. BIO represents more than 1,100 biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across more than 30 nations. Key benefits to Ovoca of attending the convention are cost effective access to global biotech and pharma companies via the BIO One-on-One Partnering™ system, and excellent networking opportunities with some 16,000+ attendees from 74 countries. Participation of the Company in this seminal annual event is aligned with its immediate strategy to build its international visibility and establish long and lasting relationships within the biotech and pharma community.

In the run up to the conference, the Company arranged meetings with over 30 different companies. These translated into productive discussions with a broad range of industry players, including potential industry partners for our BP101-Libicore, companies developing treatments for female sexual dysfunction and/or focused on Womens Health, investor groups and service companies that can help us realize our growth ambitions. 

As in previous industry meetings that Ovoca has participated in, significant interest was shown in our BP101-Libicore program, and the Company is actively following up on the opportunities uncovered BIO Philadelphia. This ranges from investigating the potential to exploit the upcoming filing for marketing authorization of BP101-Libicore in Russia in other countries around the world, to assessing the feasibility of running a clinical study of BP101-Libicore in the West in countries where there are strong R&D incentives to do so. 

We are looking forward to participating in future such productive meetings. 

For further information: 

Ovoca Bio plc
Kirill Golovanov (Chief Executive)
Tel +353 1 661 9819

Davy (Nominated Adviser, Euronext Growth Advisor and Broker)
John Frain / Daragh O'Reilly
Tel: +353 1 679 6363

About IVIX:
IVIX, a Russian-incorporated company, was formed in 2012 and since that time has sought to develop and subsequently commercialize a proprietary drug candidate, BP-101 (known as "Libicore"), for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. Libicore is a novel synthetic peptide, administered through a nasal spray. Clinical studies completed to-date have demonstrated statistically significant efficacy in the treatment of a major form of female sexual dysfunction. So far, IVIX has reached and completed Phase III clinical studies in Russia for Libicore. It now intends to seek approval for the marketing of Libicore in the Russian market, as well seek to expand its use internationally.

June 15, 2019

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